How to Move With Young Children

How to Move With Young Children

Moving can be a challenging task on its own, but when you add young kids to the mix, there is a whole new list of challenges that present themselves – from telling your kids that you are moving to keeping them involved with your move and still having it go smoothly. Our Arizona moving company is here to offer some tips on how to move with young children. 


Moving Tips for Families

Along with our Phoenix moving services, we want to offer some moving tips for families with young children.


Tip #1 Get an Early Start

This is important. Moving day can creep up on anyone, so getting an early start and giving yourself plenty of time is a great way to get the move started. This tip works whether you are moving with young children or not. 


Tip #2 Stick to Your Routines

This will not only help you adjust and stay stress-free but also the kids. Plus, if your kids still have a nap schedule, this is an excellent kid-free time to get a lot done. Packing, cleaning, decluttering, you name it! Use nap time however you see fit for your moving needs.


Tip #3 Throw Things Away

Even after a short time at home, the extra “stuff” and junk start to accumulate. If your kids have an attachment or connection with said junk, then you may have to be a little sneaky about it. Decluttering is also something that can happen during naptime! Moving is a great time to sort through your extras and junk items and possibly get rid of most of these. 


Tip #4 Keep It Positive 

Moving can be stressful and sometimes scary for young kids, especially if they are just old enough to understand what’s going on. Keeping the experience positive and having good spirits always helps. Let the kids, if old enough, take pictures of the old house and their room, and ask them what they want photos of for their memories. If your kids are too young for this, then still take the pictures and show them one day in the future. It’s a great way to keep the memories.


Tip #5 Make Friends With the Neighborhood

Once you’ve made it to your new home, befriend the neighbors. Knowing your neighbors and their kids will help with the adjustment for you and your children. Moving with kids can be stressful because you want to make sure where you’re moving is a safe and good environment for them as they grow. I’m sure you’ve already done your research on the neighborhood and community, so insert yourself into both when you get there.


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