If you need reliable and stress-free packing and unpacking services, we are the company for you! Copperstate Moving provides a full slate of packing and unpacking services to help you get ready for your big move.

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Professional Packing Services in Phoenix, AZ

One of the most tedious and time-consuming aspects of moving is the packing. Many homeowners dread the packing process before the move and the unpacking that follows when they arrive at their destination. Thankfully, hiring the best people for all your packing and unpacking needs nowadays has never been easier. If you are searching for the best packing services in the Phoenix metro area, look no further! Copperstate Moving has got you covered with several of our premium packing services for your next move. We offer full packing services, partial packing services, as well as professional unpacking services to best fit your relocation needs. Take away the burden of packing and ensure your personal items are packed securely with the help of our Arizona moving company. We provide exceptional customer service standards and ensure the damage-free arrival of your possessions. When you opt for our professional packing services in Arizona, we will provide all necessary supplies including boxes, tapes, and labels. Spend more time relaxing after your move to Arizona with our convenient packing services. Copperstate Moving has more than ten years of experience in the moving industry and is ready to help you with all your relocation needs.  If you would like to learn more about our expert full packing and unpacking services in Arizona, contact us online or give us a call at (623) 889-5755 to receive a free quote.
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We are your best option if you need dependable and affordable packing and unpacking services in Arizona. Our team of expert and experienced local movers in Phoenix will give you peace of mind knowing your items are packed properly and securely so they arrive at their destination in perfect condition.

Full Packing Services

We will handle all the packing on your behalf with our full packing services. Our trained and experienced professionals will securely and efficiently pack all your belongings (including fragile items) using the right techniques and materials. Our full packing service can save you time and ensure all your items are properly protected during the move.


Need assistance packing specific items? Would you like a customized packing service based on your needs and budget? Our partial packing service is exactly what you need. Our team of professionals has the skills, expertise, and resources needed to pack certain items while you pack the rest of your belongings.


Our professional unpacking services can spare you from the tedious and time-consuming task of unpacking your belongings in your new location. Our expert movers will help with the unpacking of the boxes and will help organize the items in their designated areas as per your instructions.

*Our full and partial packing services can be combined with our unpacking services to create a stress-free end-to-end moving experience tailored to your needs, preferences, and budget.


At Copperstate Moving, ensuring you enjoy a safe and organized move is a responsibility we don’t take lightly. That is why our friendly and skilled professionals are trained to ensure every aspect of your move is covered. From packing to unpacking items, we can take care of them so you can settle in comfortably. Moving can be a daunting and complex process with many moving parts. At Copperstate Moving, we have made it our mission to ensure you enjoy a seamless and stress-free moving experience without breaking the bank. We also provide transparent pricing so there are no unwanted surprises along the way.  With over a decade of experience in the industry, we’ve got packing down to a science. With our help, you are guaranteed even the tiniest details are covered, every concern is attended to, and all your items are accounted for. Now, that’s world-class service you can’t find anywhere else. Need expert help with your packing and unpacking? Call us at (623) 889-5755, and let’s get to work!



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