Why Have A Moving Day Checklist?

Why Have A Moving Day Checklist?

Moving to Arizona can be a stressful and sometimes chaotic process. Our Arizona moving company wants to express how important it is to develop an organized plan to make the days leading up to the move stress-free. With a plan, the actual moving day runs a little more smoothly and is a lot less chaotic. There are plenty of different tasks that need completing before your moving day, in addition to packing all your stuff. We’ve helped so many customers have a smoother transition as they moved from their old homes and into their new homes. As you move to Arizona, we want to help you!


 Moving Checklist

The moving day isn’t the only step that needs organization. The months leading up to your move leave you with a laundry list of tasks to complete. These mainly occur in the 2-3 months before the move. At this time, it’s best to get organized: create a moving to Arizona checklist, and start a file system for receipts, important papers, and more. Here are a few of the other steps you should take at this time:


  • Categorize your possessions by separating them into items to be moved, things you’re getting rid of, etc.

  • Block off time in your calendar to prepare for the move and complete tasks such as packing.  

  • Start using up the things in your house that won’t be making a move (foods, cleaning supplies, perishables, and other items.)

  • Begin decluttering so that only what you need comes with you. Bonus – this will give you a fresh start!

 One Month Before the Move

It’s time for the fun to start. PACKING! Since you’ve already categorized your items, packing boxes for the move can begin. Ensure that you aren’t putting anything you may need over the next month at the bottom of the boxes when you pack. You’ll want to pack those belongings last. Now is also an excellent time to schedule our Phoenix moving services to make sure we are available for you. We can help you pack any fragile or valuable items the correct way.


Two Weeks Away

As you get closer to your moving date, hone in on the details of the day. Your moving day checklist will undoubtedly come in handy at this point. Contact us if you have anything you need to add to or take away from your plan. Moving to and around Arizona is our specialty, so having a plan will help us help you better!

The Week Before

The week before is when you will want to double-check your list and make sure you’ve handled everything thus far. Unplugging major appliances and defrosting your freezer are tasks that you should do at this time.


One of the final things to do is pack a bag of essentials. These include important items you may need during the move, such as phone chargers or other chargers. Another pro tip is to keep your jewelry and other small valuables on you.


 Happy Moving Day

All the planning and packing checklists have gotten you to the finish line. It’s finally here – moving day! Today is the day you want to get up early and get your move going. You want to try and make it to your new home before the moving van arrives. Then, once everything gets unloaded and unpacked, you’ll want to start organizing and finding a home for everything and making this new place your home.


Contact us today so we can help you start checking things off your moving checklist!



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