Do you or a family member need help relocating to an assisted living facility? Copperstate Moving has your back!

ASSISTED LIVING Movers in Phoenix, AZ

Packing and moving already present themselves as stressful and tedious process. This is especially true when it comes to moving to assisted living. Let our Arizona moving company make it easier for you and your family members.

Our assisted living movers and the tips we offer will help make you or your loved one’s move smoother. With Copperstate Moving, packing is made easy as we provide some of the best assisted living moving services to properly help your loved ones comfortably move into their new home.

Transitioning to an assisted living facility can be daunting for seniors and their loved ones. Fortunately, the help of the best senior moving services can make a world of difference. This is where we come in. At Copperstate Moving, we understand that moving to an assisted living facility or retirement home can be overwhelming. As such, we want to make the transition as smooth as possible for the seniors and their loved ones. From planning to packing, we can take care of them for you.

Relocation Services

We pride ourselves on helping you to safely relocate your loved ones as we move their personal belongings free of damage. This is a perfect time to create new memories with your loved ones and for them to make some on their own. We want any relocation to go off without a hitch. We will pack, transport, and move your belongings with our expert assisted living services. 

Assisted living facilities promote independence among older loved ones, but the relocation itself can be overwhelming. For tips for a smoother transition, check out our blog. It will also help if you have a “moving to assisted living checklist” to ensure a stress-free transition. Through the years, we have helped make the moving process for seniors simple and streamlined.


WHat to bring when moving into assisted living

We know that moving can be stressful, and most assisted living facilities provide your loved ones with the essentials. Our Surprise movers, Peoria movers, Goodyear movers, and Litchfield park movers have provided a checklist for what items to bring with you for the move that might not be provided at the facility. 

First are the necessities:

  • Clothes Hangers
  • Assistive Needs (Glasses, Hearing Aids, Canes, etc.)
  • Appliances (If Needed)
  • Clothing
  • Toiletries

Then come the larger pieces:

  • Sofa, Chairs, Tables
  • Chairs for Guest (Fold Out Chairs and Tables too)
  • Lamps
  • Beds
  • Bedding (Comforter, Pillows, Quilts, etc.)
  • Photos
  • Keepsakes

Suppose your assisted living movers can’t move these larger pieces just yet due to lack of space. In that case, our storage facilities in Phoenix are one of the assisted living services that provide an excellent solution for any storage needs.  

Arizona's Best Senior Moving Services

Moving to assisted living can be challenging, but our team is here to make it easy for you. Our trained, vetted, and seasoned professionals have mastered the complex art of moving and have made it a breeze for countless clients. Whether moving down the street or to another state, you can depend on our world-class and affordable senior moving service.

At Copperstate Moving, we understand that moving to assisted living is not just about packing and transporting your belongings. It’s about making a smooth transition to a new home and preserving memories and sentimental items that are important to you. That’s why we offer a wide range of senior moving services, including packing and unpacking services and specialized moving of valuable and fragile items.

Let us help you transition to your new home and make your move a seamless and comfortable experience. For more tips, tricks, and services, contact us today to request a free quote! Copperstate Moving is here to help with all the assisted living services you may need.


Copperstate Moving is one of the largest independent residential local moving companies in the state of Arizona. Our impeccable reputation for delivering quality service at a reasonable price has earned us countless clients through the years. We are not hailed as Arizona’s best moving company for nothing!

Our stress-free and affordable relocation services have made us the go-to moving company in Phoenix, Arizona. Trust us to take care of every detail of your move, so you can focus on enjoying your new home!



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