Moving Blankets Guide

Moving Blankets Guide

When it comes to moving, there are essentials that an inexperienced mover might not know to buy or rent for their move. One of the main items is moving blankets. Many first-time movers don’t know what a moving blanket is or how it is useful. Copperstate Moving can show you exactly what moving blankets are used for. 


First, what is a moving blanket? They are large cloth coverings that are used to protect your items during a move, much like a moving quilt or moving pads would do too. They are often made with a heavy-duty design that makes it easier for movers to prevent damage to any items during a move.


Moving blankets are typically made of these materials:

  • Cotton
  • Polyester
  • Recycled materials 


Moving blankets are also normally large enough to fully wrap and offer 360° protection for a standard-size piece of furniture or appliance. 


What Are Moving Blankets Used For?

There are many different ways moving blankets can be used. They are versatile moving tools whose main purpose is to provide cushions for larger items like bigger furniture, appliances, and other household items. However, that is not their only function. They can also be used for: 


  • Furniture Protection – The blankets can fully cover furniture, appliances, and other items during the move to protect them. 
  • Prevent Shifting – Folding the blankets can be used to fill the empty spaces in the moving boxes to prevent smaller items from shifting during transportation. 
  • Fill Gaps in the Moving Truck – Similar to filling the empty spaces in the boxes, folded blankets can be used to prevent the boxes and furniture from moving around the truck. 


To protect your furniture with the moving blankets, here are some easy-to-follow steps: 


  1. Loosely lay a moving blanket over the item that needs protective wrapping. Make adjustments to ensure that the item is covered on all sides. Use two blankets if needed.
  2. Next, use plastic wrap to keep the blankets in place. To secure, start from the top and work your way to the bottom, tightly wrapping the entire item. Repeat this step until you have a thick protective layer. 
  3. Now that the item is securely wrapped, it can be transported to the moving truck. 

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