Moving Around Labor Day

Things to Do on Labor Day Weekend: Moving Weekend

With Labor Day coming up, Copperstate Moving has some tips and guidance for our customers who are taking on moving weekend the same weekend as Labor Day. The beginning of September is a time when the kids are just back at school, and those families will want time to get settled in their new home. Because home sales often surge in the summer, a lot of buyers and sellers need to move right around Labor Day.  

Our team has used its experience to put together some of the challenges of moving on Labor Day weekend and some tips on how to make it work for you. 

Challenges of Moving On Labor Day Weekend 

One of the best ways to prepare for a Labor Day weekend move is to plan ahead. Plan as far in advance as you can, booking the movers and any rentals or moving supplies you may need, such as: 

  • Moving trucks
  • Moving equipment 
  • Tools
  • Cleaning machines 

Making these calls at least a few months prior will take a big load off your plate. Call to get an estimate and a signed contract to reserve your spot on the time and date you’d prefer. This will also allow you to do research and make sure you are hiring the right professionals for the job. 

Pro Tip: The earlier the booking, the better the pricing. Late bookers could deal with higher prices for the same quality or services. 

Labor Day is a federal holiday, meaning that companies like cable companies and post offices could be closed that weekend. Planning ahead will help you prepare for them being closed and possibly handling those things before the moving weekend. No one wants to be left in the dark with no cable on Labor Day! Especially when there are so many things to do Labor Day weekend


How to Make Moving Weekend Work on Labor Day

A way to save money, and some hassle, is to see if your belongings can make the move before you do. See if the Thursday before is available to move your stuff. By doing this, no one is rushed, it may be cheaper, and you’ll have all weekend to get settled and moved into your new space. Not to mention you’ll have more time to enjoy the long weekend! 

If there is no wiggle room and the move must be on the weekend, then make sure everything is planned step by step. Check out Copperstate’s Moving Checklist here! Following a timeline will help you stay organized and on track for your moving weekend. This will also help ensure that nothing is forgotten. With many companies and businesses being closed on Labor Day, it may be harder to correct any obstacles that present themselves. 


Hire Professionals for Your Moving Weekend

Even if you think you can handle the move on your own, there is a difference between professionals and DIY movers. During a busy weekend, the less stressful option is to hire professional movers to handle the brunt of the move for you. Contact us today to get a free estimate or to book your Labor Day moving weekend.


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