How to Use Garbage Bags for Packing and Moving

The part of moving that can drive our customers crazy almost every time… packing! Making sure they have enough bags, bins, and boxes to get everything they need to their new home can be exhausting. This is why Copperstate Moving has come up with plenty of tips and tricks for packing and moving. 


Did you know you can use garbage bags to make your life easier while packing and moving? No? Well, here are five tips for moving with garbage bags and how to choose the right bag. 


Which one to use:


  • Go with heavy-duty bags – Generic garbage bags might not be as durable or protective as you need them to be. The thicker black garbage bags offer more protection for your belongings. 
  • The bigger, the better – Larger bags means fewer bags!
  • Pick bags with ties – Ties provide you with seals, so the items stay in the bags. 


Tip #1 Use Garbage Bags for Protection

One of the main ways to use garbage bags is to have protection for your stuff. Here are a few ways to use garbage bags to protect your items: 


  • Line the moving boxes. Trash bags are cheaper than bubble wrap and packing paper. You can cut them and layer the bottom and the sides of the cardboard boxes as you would with bubble wrap. You can also use trash bags to wrap individual items, too. 
  • Trash bags can also create a waterproof resistance when the weather outside isn’t agreeable. 
  • Using garbage bags as moving storage bags can also protect your electronics inside the boxes. 


Tip #2 Pack Clothes and Bedding in Trash Bags

Packing your clothing and bedding in bags will make them easier to transport. They are a great way to pack fabrics, especially when using bags with ties. The ties will allow you to fully protect the clothes, bedding, or any other fabrics. 


Tip #3 Protect Your Hanging Clothes and Garments With Bags

Are you wondering how to pack hanging clothes with trash bags? You can section your clothes into groups, keeping them on the hangers, then wrap each section with bags and tie them tightly around the hangers. Moving with garbage bags can keep your garments free from moisture and wrinkling. 


Tip #4 Stuff Toys Are Safe During the Move

Much like the linens, bedding, and other fabrics, using garbage bags for moving your stuffed animals and other plush toys will keep them safe. This will also make packing them easy. 


Tip #5 Moving With Garbage Bags to Transport Your Plants

As much as this tip is for keeping your plants safe and secure, it’s also to keep your car and/or moving truck clean. Wrapping the plant roots or the pots in garbage bags will catch any soil that could otherwise fall out during transportation. 


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