Quick and Easy Packing Tip For Your Next Move

Quick and Easy Packing Tip For Your Next Move

Copperstate Moving & Storage provides full-service packing and unpacking services to help get you ready for your big move. If you’re wanting to pack yourself, here is a quick and easy packing tip to get your delicate items, like glassware, ready to be packed and moved.

The number one key to packing glassware is paper. You need a lot of paper! Set up a stack of paper on a table and with your moving boxes handy, you’re ready to start packing.  Don’t be shy when it comes to using the paper—you need about a six-inch bed of paper on the bottom of each box.  When it’s all said and done, the whole box should be filled up with paper.

If you can hear a “clunking” noise or items making contact as you place them in the box, there isn’t enough packing paper to prevent breakage. Adjust as required and don’t be afraid of using too much paper.

If you need packing services, we can help you take off the burden of doing it yourself. Call (623) 889-5755 or https://copperstatemoving.com/contact-us/ to request a quote and consultation.


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