How to Save On Moving Costs

Moving can be a stressful time. You must think about packing and transporting your items, moving expenses, and saving enough money to cover those expenses. Copperstate Moving wants to help make your move a worry-free one with our tips on how to save on moving costs. Our Arizona moving company has proudly served in and around the Phoenix area since 2009, so our movers have the experience to guide you through an easy and affordable move. 

The first thing that should be done with planning a move is to plan earlier rather than later. Giving yourself enough time to handle everything is key to a stress-free move. Below are some more tips on how to save on moving costs. 

Affordable Ways to Move

Once you have laid out a time-friendly plan, you can now begin to execute it. With the moving services we offer, we can take some time and stress off your plate! Our Phoenix movers have also put together a moving checklist full of more tips and timelines for a successful move. 

Here are our cost-saving tips!

Organize and Sort Your Belongings

Starting with this step will allow you to clean out any unwanted or unnecessary items that don’t need to make the trip with you. Minimizing the number of items that will need to be packed and transported to your new home will reduce the moving cost and save you some time. 

We know that we all have valuable possessions, but we also know that there are items that can be either easily replaced or downsized. 

Examples of items that can be replaced:


  • CDs – Since most music can be found on streaming services, getting rid of these tangible items will reduce the number of boxes you need.
  • DVDs – Similar to the CDs above, digital copies and streaming services have cut out the need for physical disks. 

Examples of items that can be downsized:


  • Coffee mugs – We all have them, and probably too many of them. This is an easy way to reduce the number of items and weight of the boxes as well. 
  • Books – These can be found digitally, at donations, or at libraries. Again, getting rid of your extra will reduce the weight and quantity you need to move. 
  • Old utensils – Look at your kitchenware and see if there are items that can be sold, donated, or replaced. 
  • Wardrobe – Cleaning out your closet or drawers before you pack for the move is a huge step. We can also show tips for packing clothes for a move, so they are easier to manage when unpacking. 

Pro Tip: Holding a pre-move garage sale can also help you get some extra cash that can assist with common moving expenses!

Get Multiple Moving Quotes

Check with a few moving companies to see which one fits your needs best. Copperstate offers free requests for quotes – it’s part of our goal to help make planning and moving easier for you! We are happy to work with you to help you find affordable ways to move. 

Find Free or Affordable Packing Materials

An easy way to get packing materials is to start by looking in your own house. Find old boxes, shoe boxes, and bins. If you have any of these lying around, try to pack in those first before going to buy more. If you are moving on a budget or trying to, then you can also use towels, clothes, and more when packing fragile items to keep them protected during the moving process. 

Choosing the Right Time and Date to Move

The timing of your move can play one of the biggest roles in costs. Each season brings different weather and conditions, meaning different moving rates. Moving between the months of May and August is the peak moving season, so common moving expenses might be a little higher than moving between September and April. 

Get a Tax Rebate 

If you are moving for work-related reasons, then you have the ability to save a little money through a tax rebate. When doing your taxes, you can use IRS Form 3903 to claim a refund on some of your moving expenses. 

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We hope that our tips on how to save on moving costs have helped! If you are looking for an affordable moving company, contact us today. Our local and long-distance movers are prepared to help meet any of your moving needs. 


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