How To Pack Fragile Items

How To Pack Fragile ItemsPacking for a move can already be a little tricky, not to mention how nerve-wracking it can be moving fragile items. Protecting your fragile items during a move is possible. Copperstate Moving and Storage has some great tips on just what to do!

Packing Fragile Items for Moving

Use Smaller Boxes For Heavy Fragile Items

Doing this will make it easier for you to move the items because when you wrap fragile objects and put them into a smaller box, it will give them less room to move around during the move. Also, be sure to use packing peanuts to fill in any extra space there might be. 

Use Sturdy Boxes

When moving fragile items, never use weak or flimsy moving boxes. Sturdy boxes will always be your best chance when packing fragile items for a move. The thicker and sturdier, the better! 

Secure With Packaging Tape

Adding extra strips of packaging tape will help the boxes hold more weight and keep it from bowing under the weight of the items, trust our professional packers on this one!

Layer the Bottom With Soft Packing Material

Using bubble wrap, foam, packing peanuts, or other packing material, as a layer at the bottom of the box can add extra protection. Then fill in the empty spaces once everything is packed. 

Pack Heaviest Items on the Bottom

Packing fragile items for moving by weight and size can help prevent the smaller breakable items from getting crushed or broken during the move. 

Using Dividers for Glasses and Stemware

Purchasing cardboard dividers to use inside the boxes or even getting special boxes made for transferring glassware, will keep each piece protected! Nothing is worse than getting to your new home to find a box of shattered glass that was once your invaluable glasses and stemware. 

Wrap Each Individual Item and Piece

Making an effort to individually package each individual item carefully, may seem time-consuming but trust us, it’s worth it when moving fragile items. It also helps to fill hollowed items like glasses, jars, and other items with packaging material to help soften the vibrations.

Clearly Label Fragile Items 

Learning how to pack fragile items won’t help much if those boxes aren’t labeled properly! Labeling the boxes will let our local movers know which boxes to be extra careful with when handling. 

Take Your Time

It is important to be patient when working through packing fragile items. If things got packaged frantically or carelessly, your items could be damaged or broken. 

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