Helping Seniors Move

Moving is a big deal for anyone, but seniors can sometimes face particularly difficult challenges when relocating. They often require some additional assistance when it comes to packing, moving, and even unpacking. Copperstate Moving offers many services, and our movers have experience in helping seniors move that we can share with our readers. 

Our professionals understand that as we age, we tend to accumulate more belongings and other items that can take up space. When it comes to moving, we always recommend trying to comb through all of your belongings and possibly having a pre-move garage sale to help clear up some clutter. On top of that, our team has put together some tips to consider when helping seniors move. 


Moving Tips for Seniors

There are a few things to keep in mind, like planning, packing, the distance, and more, for moving seniors. Check out the tips from our Arizona Moving Company below.


Tip #1 Plan Ahead and Create a Checklist

Having a moving checklist and a plan will help keep you and your family members organized. It will also help keep the move on an efficient timeline for the seniors and for those helping. The earlier you plan, the better. Here is a rundown of how far out from the move you should plan:

  • Three to four weeks before the move: Declutter, transfer documents (school records, medical records, etc.), and get any change of address paperwork.
  • One to two weeks before: Start packing, begin cleaning, and schedule disconnects for all your utilities.
  • Week of the move: Mail change of address cards, finish packing and labeling, and also have boxes organized into groups.
  • One day before the move: Pack coolers of all refrigerated or frozen food, unplug all electronics and cords and say goodbye to your neighbors. 
  • Day of the move: Be prepared for the moving team by giving the new floor plan to the movers. Also, double-check all closets, rooms, and cabinets. 


Tip #2 Downsize the Possessions

As we mentioned before, downsizing is a great way to make packing and moving easier. Get the rest of the family involved in the downsizing process to see if there are any antiques or other vintage items another member might want to hold on to. It can be a challenging process for seniors, so having the family involved and having them possibly keep some of the items that can’t make the move is nice. 


Tip #3 Getting the Floor Plane to the New Space

Seeing the floor plan and knowing the exact measurements is very beneficial when helping seniors move. It will allow them, and you, to see how much of their stuff can fit, if the furniture is going to work, and if they will have enough space to move around without any hazards in the way. If you are hiring residential movers, then having the floor plan will have the movers understand where certain boxes and furniture will go in the new home.


Tip #4 Pack One Room at a Time

Some packing help for seniors would be to pack one room at a time. It will keep the items needed for each room together and more organized. Start with the larger items in the room, like sofas, chairs, beds, dressers, and tables. Once that is done, then it is time to bring in the boxes and pack up everything else. Make sure each box is properly labeled, so those helping or the movers know where to put the boxes.


Tip #5 Know Your Limits

Moving can take a toll on people both mentally and physically. It is important to know how much you and the seniors can handle in a day without being too exhausted or overworked. Starting earlier on a moving day can help get a head start, and if you work a little bit each day, then it will still be efficient work without it being too much. Some seniors can experience Relocation Stress Syndrome (RSS) during a move which can lead to depression, anxiety, and confusion. This condition is especially common if it is a senior citizen moving out of state. Make sure everyone gets plenty of rest and is aware of their feelings and stress levels throughout the process. 


Tip #6 Pack an Essentials Bag

Unpacking can take some time, so it will be beneficial to pack an essential bag of the things you will need right away. This should include some clothes, daily medications, and toiletries. 


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