Celebrate National Moving Day with 5 Ways to Relax After a Move

There is no doubt that moving day can be one of the most stressful, hectic, and draining twenty-four hours. Between packing up all your personal belongings, cleaning, loading and unloading the truck, and relocating to your new home, it can seem like a never-ending day. Relocating can become even more stressful when moving with pets to a new home. But there is no better feeling than relaxing after a move. In honor of National Moving Day 2021, one of our personal favorite moving holidays, we’re sharing the 5 best ways to relax after a move. 

Best Ways to Destress and Relax After a Move 

If you are completing a DIY move, be sure to take time for yourself after moving to decompress. Rather than feeling stressed and frazzled find ways to relax at home or outside in your new environment. With the help of our Arizona movers here are our favorite ways to unwind after a stressful day of moving. 

Treat Yourself to Takeout

Before you begin worrying about finding your pots and pans or which box may have the leftover Cup o’ Noodles from the pantry, treat yourself and the family to take out! After a long day of moving, you deserve to treat yourself and the family to something yummy and it is a great opportunity to try out some of the local restaurants in your new neighborhood. Our Goodyear movers believe the truly best ways to relax after a move is by ordering pizza or Chinese food.  

Get a Massage After Moving into Your New Home

If you are planning a move be sure to plan for post-move relaxation by scheduling a massage the day after your DIY move. Our Peoria movers believe that massages are another great way to relax after a move, between the massage, aromatherapy, and soothing music you will be de-stressed from your move in no time! Our movers love getting massages after long days lifting heavy boxes and unloading moving trucks, so take time for your mind and body after a move with this relaxing idea. 

Watch a Movie to Destress After a Move

If you have finished unpacking your home and setting up your TV, consider watching a movie. It’s a great way to relax after a move and enjoy some sweet escape from the stress of moving for even just a couple of hours. Our Litchfield movers recommend grabbing a fuzzy blanket, some popcorn, and enjoy something from your film library or one of the many streaming services available. 

Take a Relaxing Nap After a Stressful Day of Moving 

Our Surprise movers love taking a relaxing nap after a stressful day of moving. It is the best way to reset your body and mind after a long day of moving into your new home. Moving requires a lot of energy so be sure to reset and decompress after moving by sleeping for about 30 minutes to 3 hours, whatever feels right for you so you can wake up feeling rejuvenated. Relaxing after a move is imperative so you can feel clear-headed, calmer, and more content in your new home. 

Retail Therapy to Relax After a Move

Some good ol’ fashion retail therapy is one of our favorite ways to relax after a move. After a move especially, you will likely need a few items for your new humble abode, it is only right to spend time out and about away from the clutter of moving. After a stressful day of moving retail therapy can be the best medicine according to our Phoenix long-distance movers. 

If you’d rather not spend money shopping, go for a nice stroll and do some window shopping. This can be a great way to start jotting down some items you’d like to buy in the future or decoration inspiration you find. All in all, a great way to relax and decompress after relocating is to get out and walk around for a bit. 

Relax During Your Move with the Help of Copperstate Moving & Storage

At Copperstate Moving & Storage, we offer a wide range of Phoenix moving services to provide seamless and stress-free moving experiences. Spend more time relaxing during your move and allow the professionals at our Arizona moving company to take care of all the heavy lifting. Whether you are moving down the street, to a neighboring state, or cross country our Phoenix long-distance movers are here to help each step of the way. Contact us today to receive a free moving quote and ask about our climate-controlled and secure storage facilities in Phoenix

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