5 Tips For Moving During the Holidays

With the holiday season approaching, Copperstate Moving & Storage wants to help ease some of the stress with a list of five tips for moving during the holidays! Our Arizona moving company has plenty of moving tips and tricks around the holidays. 


Tip #1 Plan Early 

If you want to relocate around the holidays, it’s best to come up with a packing plan for your move and to have a moving day checklist! Having plans and checklists ready to go can help keep an already busy time a little less stressful. Block off the days in advance and be ready for your move!


Tip #2 Take Your Time Packing

Our expert packers recommend that you start packing as soon as you know what your new address and moving date are! Plus, if you have any holiday activities or parties planned, then you can still enjoy them if you pack early enough in advance. 


Tip #3 Find a Company That Meets Your Needs

The good news for you is that we are a company that takes care of all your moving needs! Our full-service moving company will help with every step of your move, from loading and unloading to special deliveries. We even have assisted living services


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Tip #4 Watch the Weather and Have a Backup Plan

The winter months can bring a lot of different weather conditions in Arizona. Our Phoenix movers can tell you that the temperatures often fluctuate throughout the day. So plan accordingly and make sure you keep the proper attire out and within reach.


Tip #5 Enjoy It!

The holiday season can already bring a lot of stress to your life, so don’t make holiday moving and storage add another level of stress! Make time to enjoy yourself during the holidays and all that comes with them.  


How to Move In an Organized Way?

Taking our five tips for moving during the holidays can help you stay organized and have an efficient move while still enjoying the holidays! Call us today to request a free quote and/or schedule your move today!


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