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The Efficient Way to Pack Your House

The Efficient Way to Pack Your House

Moving soon?  I bet your moving date feels like it is rapidly approaching.  Whether you’re moving down the hallway, across the other side of Phoenix, or out of state, prepping for a move is always stressful.  Below are some simple moving tips to make your move more efficient.  For a more in depth checklist, please check out our Moving Tips.

  1. Give yourself enough time to pack carefully without feeling overwhelmed.
  2. Try and purchase your packing materials prior to pack day to allow for a smooth transition.
  3. Decide the order in which you’ll be packing up your home. The most common way is to pack up each room separately.
  4. Begin packing the room in your home that gets the least amount of use.
  5. Save essentials for last. Keep those in a designated area until moving day.
  6. If you don’t have time to pack yourself, you can hire the professionals at Copperstate Moving Company.  We offer packing and unpacking services as well.

Want to bring in Copperstate Moving to handle the heavy lifting? Simply get in touch with us today!  Family-owned and operated since 2009, taking all the measures needed to ensure you receive prompt communication and reliable transportation from pick up to delivery.


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