Tips for Peak Moving Season

Whether you have been planning this move for months or it happened unexpectedly, Copperstate Moving can offer our professional services to you. Fall just so happens to be one of the best times of the year for a move, now that the busy summer season has come to an end. Fall brings cooler temperatures, lower prices, and often lower competition, meaning more flexibility to schedule your move!

It’s important to plan as far ahead as possible to make any move a little less stressful. As in any season, even the best months to move come with their own challenges and things that should be considered. If this is your first fall move, then here are a few things to know during this moving season.


Declutter From Summer

You may have some seasonal clothing and items that won’t make it to next year. This is the time to declutter. Instead of packing and moving these items, take the time to sort through them and either get rid of them or donate them. You can also set up a pre-move garage sale for anything in good condition that won’t be making the move with you. 


Think About Your Storage Options

If the climate changes, as it does in Arizona, then consider putting some items away in storage during the move. Our Arizona moving company offers storage options for our customers for both long- and short-term needs. This can help clear up your moving truck of any bulky or just extra items that don’t need to be moved immediately. 


Pack for the Season

Speaking of bulky or extra items, don’t forget the seasonal sporting gear when thinking about what to move. Packing your items and clothing items by season will help keep you organized and keep your move easier for you too. 


Set Up Utilities in Advance

One of the worst things that could happen when arriving at your new home during chillier months is the electric or gas isn’t set up. Sometimes new accounts can take days to be set up or registered, which is not ideal when the weather gets cooler! Make sure that the company knows days in advance from the move to transfer any accounts so that you can have light and warmth starting on day one!


Keep Cleaning Supplies Handy

Moving during the fall can also bring a bit of a mess. Wet leaves, dirt, and mud have more chances of being tracked in and out of your new home. Keeping cleaning supplies on hand can help keep the new place as clean as possible. Supplies to keep on hand:

  • Brooms
  • Mops
  • Plastic wrap (protect your floors)
  • Trash bags
  • Paper towels
  • Cleaning spray 


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