How to Improve Your Landscaping After You Move to Phoenix

How to Improve Your Landscaping After You Move to Phoenix

Moving to a new home or city can be stressful enough.  It can be even more stressful when the new city is in a completely new climate like the desert southwest of Phoenix, AZ.  Many new residents come from mild climates like the Midwest.  If that’s the case, you quickly realize your new yard is not like your old Midwest yard.  If your new yard needs some updating, check out these tips below to improve your landscaping after you move to Phoenix.

  1. We recommend trees on properties to be on the South side and West side of properties to protect your home with shade in the hot summers. This will keep your utility bills lower and also prevents sunlight from hitting directly on windows when they are exposed to direct sunlight.
  2. Plant trees to block roof lines of your neighbors to keep your back yard private and comfortable.
  3. Desert plants are important to utilize in your landscaping because they are less prone to insects and disease. The longevity of a plant or tree is more likely to last much longer if you choose a native species. We love recommending the University of Arizona Water Users Association guide for choosing native plants and trees: AMWUA One For Water.
  4. Plant shrubs and plants to cover block walls in your back yard, even if your side yard is small we like using flowering shrubs facing windows so when you look out from the inside you see beautiful green instead of wall. Choosing shrubs from the link provided above is best but if you have grass in your back yard this can create a micro climate that makes it easier for some tropical plants to do well like hibiscus.
  5. Last thing, we recommend is adding grass to spaces that you will use, which is most likely in the back yard. Grass is not native to Arizona so if you come from the Midwest, it’s hard to understand that the most common grass in Phoenix is Bermuda, which is not even desired in most of the country. So if you do plant grass make sure that it is in your back yard where pets and family can get use out of it and keep it away from walls and homes since water is very corrosive on the hardscape.

If you still need more help after you move to Phoenix, please consider hiring a professional landscaping and lawn care service.


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