Dos and Don’ts of Moving in the Summer

Summer is quickly approaching, which means that peak moving season is approaching, as well. Most moves in America happen between Memorial Day and Labor Day because of the convenience. However, moving during the summer also means moving in the intense Arizona heat! Copperstate Moving has some dos and don’ts of moving in the summer. 

Summer Moving Tips: The Dos 

There are some aspects of a summer move that can be expected and almost guaranteed:


  • Do expect to pay more: There is no changing that summer is the most expensive time to move. Peak moving season means moving companies are in higher demand. Summer also has fewer holidays and better weather. 
  • Do start the move earlier in the day: It is better to start early because it will let you beat the heat. If you aim to start around 8 a.m. at the latest, this will let you get more done before mid-afternoon temperature spikes. If mornings aren’t the best for you, then we recommend moving later in the afternoon or early in the evening while you still have light, but there is less heat. 
  • Do turn your AC on in your new house: Plan ahead to avoid arriving at your new home when it is unbearably hot. Turning on the AC the morning of the move is a great way to start the move! 
  • Do keep electronics cool: Be extra careful when packing your electronics for your move. It is very easy for electronics to become overheated and possibly ruined on a hot summer day if they are not stored properly. To prevent this, you can pack your electronics separately and make sure there is plenty of air conditioning on them during transportation. 


Other summer dos to help stay cool in summer moves:


  • Bring a portable fan
  • Apply sunscreen
  • Bring water
  • Use cooling towels


Moving Tips: The Don’ts

Here are a few things to keep in mind that you should not do during peak moving season:


  • Don’t forget water bottles for you and the movers: Moving in the heat can quickly lead to dehydration. Be sure to pack plenty of water so that you and the movers can have a successful move. 
  • Don’t wear heavy fabrics or clothing: It is important to wear the appropriate clothing. Moving day is not about being stylish. It is about being comfortable and cool. We also suggest wearing closed-toed shoes to prevent any injuries if heavier items are dropped. 
  • Don’t underestimate the time of prep:  This is a very important point to focus on. Preparation is key to a successful move. Create a checklist and an itinerary at least a month before your move date. 
  • Don’t forget to properly pack perishables: If you have perishable foods and are moving nearby, don’t throw them away! Pack a cooler to keep everything fresh and ready for your new home. 


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