Best Way To Organize And Store Christmas Decorations

With the holiday season approaching, it’s time to start thinking about decorations! Whether you currently have them up or maybe you are already planning on how to store them after the holidays – from lights to ornaments and more – you have decorations on the brain. Copperstate Moving & Storage offers warehouse and storage services, so you have a place for your Christmas decoration storage! 


We have some tips on the best way to organize and store Christmas decorations!



When it comes to how to pack Christmas ornaments for moving or storage, you can use egg cartons, coffee cup holders, or even buy storage boxes made specifically for keeping your ornaments safe. If you are feeling crafty, look up ways to create your own Christmas ornament storage boxes out of plastic cups and large plastic bins.


Christmas Wreaths

What’s important about storing wreaths is keeping their shape. There are many storage options for wreaths that will keep them secure and in the correct shape:


  • Hang them on wire hangers inside a dry-cleaning bag
  • Buy a wreath storage bag
  • Store-bought sturdy wreath box


Artificial Christmas Trees

Storing Christmas trees can be tough. A few helpful tips are: keep the original packaging it came in (since the packaging was made for it!), store it inside of plastic wrap, or use a bigger bag! 


String Lights

Depending on the length of the lights, there are a few creative ways to store Christmas lights:


  • Wrap them around coffee cans (depending on the size)
  • Wrap them around a piece of cardboard
  • Buy storage reels, or reuse the holders they came on



How to Store Christmas Garland?

We notice that two of the biggest problems with garland are 1) keeping their shape and 2) remembering what strand of garland went where! A way to fix this is to label each strand with where they belong and then gently pack them into storage boxes that won’t bend them too much. 

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