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Popular Halloween Costumes In Arizona

Popular Halloween Costumes In Arizona

Halloween is quickly approaching, and that means it’s time to pick out the perfect costume. There are so many different options out there, and we wanted to share some of the most popular ones we’ve seen.    Most Popular Halloween Costumes:
  • Princesses 
  • Super Heros (Marvel Comics, DC Comics, and others)
  • Witches
  • Vampires
  • Ghosts
Here are some more specific costume ideas:
  • Sanderson Sisters (Movie: Hocus Pocus)
  • Career-Based (Fire Fighter, Police Man, etc.)
  • Bonnie and Clyde
  • Mario and Luigi
  • Angel and Devil
  • And more!
Our Arizona moving company also knows that, outside of this list, there are so many more costume ideas and creative ways to dress up! Once you have your Halloween costume ready for trick or treating, you can start thinking about what you will do with it after. How can you pack it? Where will you put it? Don’t worry. Copperstate Moving has you covered.   

How to Pack Up Halloween Costumes?

First things first – you’ll want to start by washing and drying your and your family’s costumes. Now we can get to the fun part. Our team of professional packers have a lot of experience and want to share their tips on neatly packing and storing old costumes. Even the most popular Halloween costumes end up in storage. When you first start, you’ll want to fold the costumes as nicely as possible and try to avoid any visible wrinkles. This will help preserve the costumes while they are packed away. Next, wrap the costumes in tissue paper or something protective to again help preserve them. This will also allow the costumes to stay separate from each other without getting tangled.    Your next question may be, what do I put them in? There are many options: plastic bins, vacuum-sealed bags, and regular bags, to name a few. Your storage option depends on where you plan on storing the costumes.  

Where Can Halloween Costumes Be Stored?

If storing them at home isn’t your favorite option, then our Arizona local and long-distance movers recommend using one of our warehouse and storage options.   Storage Services we offer:
  • Long-term storage warehouse vaults: These are 5 ft X 7 ft X 7ft wooden containers that hold about 240 cubic feet of furnishings and can easily be moved if need be. 
  • Short-term storage: The same size as our long-term storage, our short-term storage is perfect when you need a little extra time or if there are any setbacks in your move. 
All units are climate controlled and are safe and secure, and equipped with alarm systems.   

Contact Us

Once Halloween is over and you’re ready to store those costumes and the decorations, give us a call (623) 889- 5755, so we can set you up with any packing supplies and help you find the right storage facility for you!    


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